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My Grandmother Showed Me How to Love

6/24/12 (part 2 of the day)  My grandma Thomas is 104 years old, in a nursing home and still going. Unfortunately she is not all there mentally but she has her moments of clarity and in those I am lucky … Continue reading

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As My Son Would Say, “It’s Time to Do This Thing!”

10/7/2013  Yup I’m back again after yet another long reprieve. And once again I can’t wait to tell you how I got here. It is still a bit of the roller coaster ride I mentioned before but now the ride … Continue reading

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Thank You Mom and Dad for Showing Me What I Don’t Want

6/24/12  My family fascinates me. With all of these issues with my Mom going on, there are lights being shone on so many things. I’m seeing it all so clearly with my eyes wide open. My Mom and Dad’s relationship … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Continue the Journey. Won’t You Join Me for the Ride?

January 31, 2013 I have been busy living and not reliving the past. So my writing here had stopped. Now however, I am more prepared than ever to “go back there” and relive it all. If it helps one person … Continue reading

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Let the Family Dynamics Begin

6/17/12  Later in the afternoon on Father’s Day we got the news my Mom would be admitted into ICU. It was determined the tingling on her head was shingles and during the exam it was also determined she was in atrial fibrillation … Continue reading

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What Is THIS About Universe?

6/17/12  It was Father’s Day and was going to prove to be the start to another life changer for this woman. My sister Ann and her partner had asked me to go to a meditation with them that morning. I … Continue reading

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What Did Her Words Really Mean?

6/16/12  Now that she had said the words I had longed to hear, how did I feel? Here I was on the airplane with my 5-year-old and the woman whom I would’ve done anything for tells me she loves me. … Continue reading

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She Finally Said the Words I Had Waited to Hear

6/16/12  Today my son and I were flying back to Rhode Island (RI) for our annual visit with my family, catching up with old friends, lots of laughs, games and lots of good seafood. I couldn’t wait to get away. Little … Continue reading

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It’s Not What You Do But Who You Are

6/15/12  Today was a day I will never forget as long as I live. Two life changing events were about to happen. I had my appointment with my healer today and it was huge, life changing to be exact. I … Continue reading

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I’m Scared

6/4/12  It was time to say goodbye to my friends in Massachusetts. What a good time, great memories, lots of laughs and even a few tears all mixed together. My friend Fiona dropped me at the airport and as I was … Continue reading

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