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Sometimes Going Back You Realize You Had to Go thru Some Shit to Get to the Good Stuff

I was brought back to a previous post that I did which is still the number one read post of all the ones I have since done here: I’m Scared It’s really wild to see that I wrote these words three … Continue reading

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I Was Afraid of Him

Today I actually wrote those words in my journal and it surprised the heck out of me. I was actually writing about love when I wrote that I was afraid of him. Strange, huh? I’ve had this idea for three … Continue reading

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Is It Possible to Go From Scared to Total Peace?

So what happened between my last writings and now? Drama, became a “card carrying” lesbian, dated and multiple break-ups with the same person, love, passion, sex,  pain, an “almost spine surgery”, divorce, tears (lots of ’em), redefining my relationship with … Continue reading

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