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He Makes Me Feel Inadequate

That word kept flying around in my head after having dinner with my former husband, Mark and my son, Alex. Alex had just gotten back from his third-grade campout and I thought it was a good idea to invite Mark … Continue reading

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As Long As You Stay in This Box, It’ll Be OK

My former husband and I have such opposing view points on so many ideas on raising a child. Today I was hit with another one that has stuck with me. I realized my son was going to have to navigate … Continue reading

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Thank You Mom and Dad for Showing Me What I Don’t Want

6/24/12  My family fascinates me. With all of these issues with my Mom going on, there are lights being shone on so many things. I’m seeing it all so clearly with my eyes wide open. My Mom and Dad’s relationship … Continue reading

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I’m Back and I’m Looking to Write My Answers

May 23, 2003  It’s interesting this journey of mine with all it’s twists and turns. It does seem that writing this blog tends to give me answers. Sometimes it even answers questions I didn’t even know I had. In January … Continue reading

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Let the Family Dynamics Begin

6/17/12  Later in the afternoon on Father’s Day we got the news my Mom would be admitted into ICU. It was determined the tingling on her head was shingles and during the exam it was also determined she was in atrial fibrillation … Continue reading

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What Is THIS About Universe?

6/17/12  It was Father’s Day and was going to prove to be the start to another life changer for this woman. My sister Ann and her partner had asked me to go to a meditation with them that morning. I … Continue reading

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It Made Me Wonder

5/29/12  I have to apologize to my readers out there. What follows are three totally separate thoughts about things that happened this day. First, I had the strangest dream and felt the need to write it down. I dreamt that … Continue reading

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The Day Jiminy Cricket Spoke to Me

4/29/12  Here I was with my husband and son at the most magical place on earth. I had told myself I was here at the Magical Kingdom and I needed to enjoy every second of it. Take it all in. … Continue reading

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From Crazy to the Most Magical Place on Earth

4/28/12  The day was finally here that we had waited for! My husband, son and I were heading to Disney World for a magical vacation. The problem was only half of me was there. The other half was thinking about … Continue reading

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Exploring My “Inner Genius”

April 26, 2012 So I tried to explore my “inner genius” by using my new key of using my non-dominant hand. So I sat myself outside on our patio in one of my favorite spots and tried to open myself … Continue reading

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