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Sometimes Going Back You Realize You Had to Go thru Some Shit to Get to the Good Stuff

I was brought back to a previous post that I did which is still the number one read post of all the ones I have since done here: I’m Scared It’s really wild to see that I wrote these words three … Continue reading

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How Can I Expect Him to Do Now What I Couldn’t Then?

Now onto Part 2 of my craniosacral therapy session. It was even bigger than the first. The HUGE aha came toward the end of our session. I was talking about a situation with my former husband, Mark this week where … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Put Out Into the World

I had two major life aha’s today during my craniosacral therapy session (CST). My therapist and I were working once again on my problem left shoulder and my neck. We covered a lot of ground but there were two very … Continue reading

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Would You Tell a Person on Death Row They Had Won Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket?

I have been out and about exploring all kinds of groups that are of interest to me. So when a friend mentioned she was going to a talk on compassion I jumped at the opportunity to hear what someone else … Continue reading

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It’s Time For the Truth

2/3/2015 …to live as the true, authentic me. It’s been a few years of discovering what that truly means. It was a lot of hard work, pain, confusion and lots of tears to get to this place of complete peace. … Continue reading

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My Grandmother Showed Me How to Love

6/24/12 (part 2 of the day)  My grandma Thomas is 104 years old, in a nursing home and still going. Unfortunately she is not all there mentally but she has her moments of clarity and in those I am lucky … Continue reading

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As My Son Would Say, “It’s Time to Do This Thing!”

10/7/2013  Yup I’m back again after yet another long reprieve. And once again I can’t wait to tell you how I got here. It is still a bit of the roller coaster ride I mentioned before but now the ride … Continue reading

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Thank You Mom and Dad for Showing Me What I Don’t Want

6/24/12  My family fascinates me. With all of these issues with my Mom going on, there are lights being shone on so many things. I’m seeing it all so clearly with my eyes wide open. My Mom and Dad’s relationship … Continue reading

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What Did Her Words Really Mean?

6/16/12  Now that she had said the words I had longed to hear, how did I feel? Here I was on the airplane with my 5-year-old and the woman whom I would’ve done anything for tells me she loves me. … Continue reading

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I Accept This Blogger Award with Great Pride

I was very excited to hear that I had won a blogger award from a blog I so enjoy reading, “Honey, I’m a Lesbian“. The rules of the reward are as follows: 1. Display the award logo on your blog. 2. … Continue reading

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