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How Can I Expect Him to Do Now What I Couldn’t Then?

Now onto Part 2 of my craniosacral therapy session. It was even bigger than the first. The HUGE aha came toward the end of our session. I was talking about a situation with my former husband, Mark this week where … Continue reading

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As Long As You Stay in This Box, It’ll Be OK

My former husband and I have such opposing view points on so many ideas on raising a child. Today I was hit with another one that has stuck with me. I realized my son was going to have to navigate … Continue reading

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Is It Possible to Go From Scared to Total Peace?

So what happened between my last writings and now? Drama, became a “card carrying” lesbian, dated and multiple break-ups with the same person, love, passion, sex,  pain, an “almost spine surgery”, divorce, tears (lots of ’em), redefining my relationship with … Continue reading

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It’s Time For the Truth

2/3/2015 …to live as the true, authentic me. It’s been a few years of discovering what that truly means. It was a lot of hard work, pain, confusion and lots of tears to get to this place of complete peace. … Continue reading

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As My Son Would Say, “It’s Time to Do This Thing!”

10/7/2013  Yup I’m back again after yet another long reprieve. And once again I can’t wait to tell you how I got here. It is still a bit of the roller coaster ride I mentioned before but now the ride … Continue reading

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