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The Day I Thought My Son Would Be Better Off with His Dad Than with Me

I find it interesting as I come up on my one year anniversary of officially being divorced that I’m remembering so many of the low points of that process which were such great lessons. Today I am remembering the day … Continue reading

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You Stay Here, I’ll Go On Ahead

I was in a parent group session with a therapist and another woman tonight at a place called Kids In the Middle. It is an amazing organization that helps kids going through divorce. So every Tuesday for the last six … Continue reading

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Could This Birthday Gift Be a Truce?

It’s spring cleaning time and my backyard needed some help. I had suspected some of the bushes in my backyard were Japanese honeysuckle so I sent my former husband, Mark a picture asking him. He had recently  become quite the expert … Continue reading

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I Was Afraid of Him

Today I actually wrote those words in my journal and it surprised the heck out of me. I was actually writing about love when I wrote that I was afraid of him. Strange, huh? I’ve had this idea for three … Continue reading

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