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He Makes Me Feel Inadequate

That word kept flying around in my head after having dinner with my former husband, Mark and my son, Alex. Alex had just gotten back from his third-grade campout and I thought it was a good idea to invite Mark … Continue reading

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The Day I Thought My Son Would Be Better Off with His Dad Than with Me

I find it interesting as I come up on my one year anniversary of officially being divorced that I’m remembering so many of the low points of that process which were such great lessons. Today I am remembering the day … Continue reading

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Could This Birthday Gift Be a Truce?

It’s spring cleaning time and my backyard needed some help. I had suspected some of the bushes in my backyard were Japanese honeysuckle so I sent my former husband, Mark a picture asking him. He had recently  become quite the expert … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Put Out Into the World

I had two major life aha’s today during my craniosacral therapy session (CST). My therapist and I were working once again on my problem left shoulder and my neck. We covered a lot of ground but there were two very … Continue reading

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To Embrace or Not to Embrace

I remember the day I met her. It was an October day and it was at my son’s soccer game. My son, “Alex” was with his father this particular weekend and they were coming directly from the St. Louis Rams … Continue reading

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As Long As You Stay in This Box, It’ll Be OK

My former husband and I have such opposing view points on so many ideas on raising a child. Today I was hit with another one that has stuck with me. I realized my son was going to have to navigate … Continue reading

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It’s Time For the Truth

2/3/2015 …to live as the true, authentic me. It’s been a few years of discovering what that truly means. It was a lot of hard work, pain, confusion and lots of tears to get to this place of complete peace. … Continue reading

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As My Son Would Say, “It’s Time to Do This Thing!”

10/7/2013  Yup I’m back again after yet another long reprieve. And once again I can’t wait to tell you how I got here. It is still a bit of the roller coaster ride I mentioned before but now the ride … Continue reading

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Thank You Mom and Dad for Showing Me What I Don’t Want

6/24/12  My family fascinates me. With all of these issues with my Mom going on, there are lights being shone on so many things. I’m seeing it all so clearly with my eyes wide open. My Mom and Dad’s relationship … Continue reading

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I’m Back and I’m Looking to Write My Answers

May 23, 2003  It’s interesting this journey of mine with all it’s twists and turns. It does seem that writing this blog tends to give me answers. Sometimes it even answers questions I didn’t even know I had. In January … Continue reading

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