Do You Ever Kiss Just to Kiss?

I love kissing. I admit it. When I’m dating I like to say hello to my partner with a kiss, say goodbye with a kiss and hopefully there’s some kissing in between. Lots of it, as far as I’m concerned. Did I mention I like to kiss?

So I find it fascinating I’m now dating a woman that is tentative about kissing. As you can imagine it’s been the topic of some of our discussions.

Last night a light was shone very brightly on the why. We talked quite extensively about it and a big part of it came down to the fact any intimacy in her past relationships was not for the public to see. When her and another woman were dating they were “friends” to the outside world and any signs of affection were saved for behind closed doors. Apparently this was a factor of being a lesbian all your life. 

And now here I was wanting to kiss her hello when I got in the car or when she came in my door. This was so foreign to her and yet so natural to me. I had grown up in the heterosexual world where it was “allowed” and “accepted”. And did I mention I like to kiss?

Once we started really talking about this it made complete sense. What she realized in the discussion was that I was the first “out” relationship she had ever had and that was all new to her. We both agreed how amazing it really is the two different perspectives we each bring to the relationship. 

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned, above kissing I love the emotional intimacy in my relationships. And THIS is good stuff! Let the light shine on! 

shining a light on kissing 

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