What’s In a Name?

Last night I had a conversation with my friend about the names she calls people (including me). I’m not used to being around people that use what I consider derogatory terms toward another.

So when she called me a dork in jest, I asked her to please not call me that. After sharing with her about an incident that happened with my former husband recently, she called him a weasel. I said “Please don’t call him that, his name is Mark.” While we were walking in the park, she had called her son a turd. He said he didn’t like it so I asked him what he’d rather be called. He replied Leo which apparently was a name he just really likes.

Later that night she asked me about these incidents. She noticed the reaction it caused in me and asked if there was something in my past that caused it. I replied, “No, I am just very sensitive to the words we all use toward one another. I make an effort to choose my words carefully.” Her comment was sometimes she just didn’t want to think about things and needed to just let it out. Besides her son knew she was kidding and nothing was meant by it. I then explained although it was effort at first for me, with time I had created a habit. So now it comes very naturally for me to use positive words without even thinking. Now that I have changed, I am very conscious of the words that others use so that is the reaction she saw in me.

I believe it is these sort of simple efforts that can change how we interact with one another which then has the power to positively change the world. I want to be sure to put THAT sort of energy into the world. 

I also believe Mother Teresa had it right, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”  

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