With Practice It Gets Easy to Love Everyone…Even Your Enemies

My former husband, Mark has been great training with this lesson. Ok calling him an enemy is very extreme but it makes for a catchy title.

It’s easy to stay in negativity, anger, hatred, etc when you’ve been wounded by someone. But it takes strength and courage to find a way to love them even when they are “throwing daggers” at you. And every instinct in you (and everyone around you) tells you to let it go, don’t try to love him, you’ll get hurt, it’s over, he has treated you terribly, stop doing this to yourself, you don’t NEED to do this, etc. And yet I know in my heart loving him is the very thing I WANT to do. While it’s not the love of a wife, it’s the love of a person that never stopped loving him.

This goes for friends of mine as well. We have our differences and at times circumstances and choices cause a hurt. They lash out and “throw their daggers” and say some pretty awful things and yet now my reaction is to send them love. It’s recognizing someone is hurt and knowing their reaction is a knee-jerk when all they wanted all along was to be loved. 

I believe it’s true what they say, once you find that inner peace and love for yourself you can then truly love others. I am finally there. 

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2 Responses to With Practice It Gets Easy to Love Everyone…Even Your Enemies

  1. Deana says:

    if only everyone could find this peace and love for all. I know that I have and it is wonderful and hearwarming


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