Am I An Eternal Optimist?

Now that I am in what I now call my “new space”, it’s interesting to note, witness, watch, see people who are still stuck in their old space, patterns, thoughts, ways, etc.

I don’t say this to say my way is right. I say it because it’s right for me. It keeps me happy. It is something I’ve noted lately and keeps coming up for me. I do prefer my space and my new way of being and seeing the world. It is my choice to be here and it’s everyone else’s choice to be where they are.

I keep coming back to the fact I have always strived to be a positive person. Does that make me an eternal optimist? I’ve been called a dreamer, someone with their head in the clouds, too positive, not realistic, etc. I believe the world needs more people like that. It is who I am and am choosing to embrace that part of me. It is so easy to get stuck in the negative. Lord knows I’ve had plenty of opportunity to stay stuck in that negativity but I constantly work through it to stay in my happy place. Be grateful for everything….even dead pet fish, two bulging discs in my neck, stenosis, bone spurs, incredible physical pain, my mother nearly dying, my grandmother dying, a disconnect from my son, an extremely emotional divorce, a former husband who made it very difficult for me to take anything out of our home (especially my son’s toys), a former husband who has made it his mission to have my son want to live with him full-time, losing friends, not being able to drive for 3+ months, laying in the back of my car to get around, not being able to move myself into my own house, not having my first baby (my dog) with me for 11 months, my decisions hurting people I love, and yet in each one of those I see a tremendous gift that I am forever grateful for.

Again, I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m not saying I don’t have my down days. But I work very hard to keep positive and to imagine a better world. To talk about a better world. Believe it can be a better world. If that makes me an eternal optimist I will try my best to live up to that label and wear it with pride. I do believe John Lennon had it right.

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