Know Your Why

I watched a Ted talk not too long ago that really questioned my core beliefs. It’s one of the most watched Ted talks and it’s by Simon Sinek. And it’s all about knowing your why.

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to make a positive difference in this world. But I didn’t know what that looked like. I am getting clearer because I keep asking myself why.

We are flooded with such negativity in this world. And I have always tried to lead a positive life and work to stay positive. I believe we need more of that. More focus on the good in this world. It doesn’t mean that negativity doesn’t exist. But I believe if we focus more on the positive, that’s more of what we will get.

So my why is recognizing the good in this world and living a life where I create more good. Thank you Simon Sinek for getting me to know my why.

Simon Sinek “Start with Why”

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