Could This Birthday Gift Be a Truce?

It’s spring cleaning time and my backyard needed some help. I had suspected some of the bushes in my backyard were Japanese honeysuckle so I sent my former husband, Mark a picture asking him. He had recently  become quite the expert on them and how best to eliminate them.  He confirmed what I had was indeed what I thought and told me the only way to get rid of them permanently was to have someone with a piece of equipment come take them out by the roots or cut them off at the base with a chainsaw and then use Roundup to kill them. 

I didn’t see a way a piece of equipment was going to get in my backyard to be able to take those out. So the only option I saw was the Roundup (not a big fan). But I really wanted to get rid of these bushes. 

My gift came when he said for my birthday present HE would come and chop them down and take care of the Round up. It was a bonus he did this while it was his time with our son, Alex. So I got to spend a little extra time with Alex while they both chopped down the bushes. Afterwards I had ordered pizza for us all so we also got to have dinner together.

I have to admit I was rather moved by his gesture. And there is the good I have always seen in him. Could it be this act of service might be a small symbol of truce between us? 


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2 Responses to Could This Birthday Gift Be a Truce?

  1. Deana says:

    The passage of time, space and acceptance does allow for new beginnings. I truly hope it is a sign of a truce beginning to formulate between the both of you. Wonderful too that you got some unexpected quality time with your son and Ex with both parents being together without stress or strain. Just the normalcy of tending to something needing fixing. Your son must have been so happy, especially sharing a Pizza with both Mom and Dad at Mom’s house. Cool


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