There’s No Fooling on April 1

April 1. A day I will forever remember. Three years ago I watched a movie that turned my life upside down and changed everything for me…and so my emotional journey began. And one year ago today I was at a stoplight and reached down to fix my shoe when it felt like a lightning bolt went through my body. There was no more denying I had a serious problem with my neck and I went flat on my back…and so my physical journey began. Yet here I am the happiest I can remember being. I’m feeling so grateful for all of the events that got me here but most importantly my incredible family and friends that have loved and supported me unconditionally through it all. Sorry no April fool punchline here, just pure gratitude for this wonderful life.


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One Response to There’s No Fooling on April 1

  1. Deana says:

    You introduced yourself to me when you began your long and difficult journey of self discovery and we both helped each other in many ways back then. I also journeyed with you during the difficult and painful months of being crippled by your neck and spinal issues. I know how hard it was on you not being the Mom you so desperately needed and wanted to be but look at you now. Incredible for both you and your main man – your son!! You have found your peace and love for a beautiful action packed life. All they best wishes for an ongoing pain free (for the most part) and truly happy life in sprit and joy. A much better Easter than u ever imagined over the last few years eh?


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