As Long As You Stay in This Box, It’ll Be OK

My former husband and I have such opposing view points on so many ideas on raising a child. Today I was hit with another one that has stuck with me. I realized my son was going to have to navigate my former husband’s ways/rules; whereas I was able to “leave”.

It started with the fact my son wanted his favorite teddy bear, Berry, made into a cookie for his birthday treat at school. Now I will admit my son is rather obsessed with this teddy bear. His drawings all include the bear, he talks about it a lot, he names things after it, etc. However, my philosophy is embrace whatever your children are into and whatever they want to talk about. In a phone call today with my former husband, “Mark” he said he believes that it’s time that “Alex” gives up his stuffed animals. He is 8 after all. His comment to me about the cookies was “If ‘Alex’ were 18 and wanting to still have his stuffed animals, you’d be ok with it!” I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous comment and I went on to say there is a natural progression of things and I believe in allowing “Alex” to have his stuffed animals if he still wanted them. “Mark” was not pleased. Herein lies our differences.

Berry and the Berry Cookies

Can you find the Berry stuffed animal among the cookies?

Sure this seems like such a petty thing – stuffed animals. Really?! But as I was ironing this morning after the phone call it really hit me. We have two VERY different philosophies. Major ones. I know the importance all too well of being yourself. Because I know what happens when you try to live up to others expectations and stay in THEIR box. You lose yourself.

I am Mom and I will make sure I can do everything in my power to make sure my son knows it’s ok to be yourself. It’s highly ENCOURAGED in my world. There are no boxes you have to fit into; just be yourself and it’ll be more than ok. In Dr. Seuss’ words, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

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2 Responses to As Long As You Stay in This Box, It’ll Be OK

  1. Deana says:

    you are so correct in your thinking and parenting style. Hands-down your Ex is sooooo wrong. Good luck helping your son learn to navigate through his fathers beliefs and becoming the successful, well-adjusted person he needs to become. Keep doing what you’re doing and your son will grow into an eventual successful man because of who and what you are doing for him. Cudos to you

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