Let the Family Dynamics Begin

6/17/12  Later in the afternoon on Father’s Day we got the news my Mom would be admitted into ICU. It was determined the tingling on her head was shingles and during the exam it was also determined she was in atrial fibrillation (A-fib). At least we knew what was going on. Now let the family dynamics play out.

First, my oldest sister, Ann was taking charge of this very large medical issue since she had the medical background. Also being the oldest, she has always been the take charge one of the family. However, my father being the patriarch of the family of his four daughters, didn’t do well with allowing someone else to take over. My Mom being the very passive person she is (and a retired nurse) had allowed this issue to go on far too long. Her motto when any of us got sick while we were growing up, “Don’t worry, it’ll go away”. I always joked that was the joy of growing up with your Mom as a nurse…and she was usually right.

Now my father who has never been wrong in his life was blaming my mother for waiting too long to address this. He was on a rampage about it. Not exactly what we needed at this point in the game. It was an exhausting day for all of us and he just added to it by going on and on when we were all home later that night. Personally I tuned him out and was just happy Mom was finally getting this taken care of and she was in the right hands. The family dynamics were just beginning.

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