She Finally Said the Words I Had Waited to Hear

6/16/12  Today my son and I were flying back to Rhode Island (RI) for our annual visit with my family, catching up with old friends, lots of laughs, games and lots of good seafood. I couldn’t wait to get away. Little did I know what this trip was really going to be. Yup another life changer coming right up.

My son and I were in Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport on a layover. We were just hanging around, him on the iPad and me people watching. All of a sudden my phone dings with a message from Mary. I hadn’t heard from her all week as she had been sick so it was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

We chatted back and forth about her being sick, me and Alex on our way back to RI, catching up on the past week, etc. In the middle of all of this we started to board the plane. I’m getting Alex going on putting away the iPad and all the other stuff he’s taken out, holding our boarding passes, finding our spot in line, managing our bags and trying to instant message at the same time. Just another day in the life of a Mom. So as we’re heading down the jetway, I’m frantically typing about my amazing day yesterday with all of my life lessons. She’s typing her stuff. We’re typing over each other as we’ve both got a lot to say. We get to our seats and I get us both settled in by taking out the necessary things to occupy a 5-year-old for an hour flight. I type to her “I realized it IS all about me. And that’s not a bad thing.” They announce the doors to the plane are closing and to shut off all electronics, yadayada. Just as they make the announcement her message comes across, “I love you…and everything you brought to my life.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. She finally said the words I had waited to hear for over 20 years…and I couldn’t do a darn thing about it.

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4 Responses to She Finally Said the Words I Had Waited to Hear

  1. Dace says:

    wow…and now what? did she mean it the way you wanted her to say it or this is just her way to tell you that she loves you are a person, as a friend, as a good human being?

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