I’m Scared

Scared Woman6/4/12  It was time to say goodbye to my friends in Massachusetts. What a good time, great memories, lots of laughs and even a few tears all mixed together.

My friend Fiona dropped me at the airport and as I was walking to the gate, I was overcome with this strange, yet familiar feeling. Here I was walking thru the same airport I had traveled through countless times before when I was single. I hadn’t traveled by myself in years and I was reminded about how much I truly loved it.

I was so thankful for my days in Massachusetts and my many life lessons. It was good to move away but there is still a huge attachment and memories there. My closest friends I have are there. They are so special. It’s good to be someone’s close friend – for them and me.

How do you know when a person goes from friend to close friend? It’s funny the different people you feel close to. Some are just like me and others not at all. Fiona and I are polar opposites. What is the attraction? Energy? Likes/dislikes? Who they are? Morals? Respect? Is it really not up to us, the universe puts them there for us to find? Are they part of a sacred contract? Are they the ones to help us work on our issues and vice versa? I wonder about these things.

How do you find new friends? Clubs, sports, kids, common interests, school.

So while I was on the plane, I meditated about the whole weekend and life in general. Afterwards I asked my left hand “What lessons am I supposed to be learning?” Fly high like you used to. Be happy. Remember that? It is about you and only then can you help others like you so desperately want to. There’s more. It’s out there and IN there. Go deep and get it. Be thankful, be clear and be happy. Find happy friends and the rest will follow. Where? You have some but more are coming. Be YOU. Love. Passion. Let go and be you. Disney lessons. Dreams really do come true if you have the courage to believe. Do you believe? I’m SCARED. Good. Go with that and sit with that for a bit.

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