She Got the Letter

5/30/12  A few days ago I had finally gotten up the nerve to send the letter to Mary. Today we were chatting on Facebook as usual and she tells me about her difficult break up with her boyfriend. It had been a pretty rough few days for her.

After we got through the talk of her break up, she mentions that she had received my letter. Her initial comment was, “Do you still want to be my friend?” I couldn’t respond fast enough with “Well of course I do, silly.” She continued to say, “You are the smartest, bravest and kindest person I have ever known.” I thanked her for her kind words and we went on to talk about everything else under the sun.

It was a strange conversation and I didn’t press for any more than what she had said about me since she was still getting over the breakup with her boyfriend. We then went on to talk about her selling her business that she had worked so hard on over the years. It sounds like a familiar tale as I had just sold my business. I gave her my insights into selling a business, the resources that I thought might help her and the experiences I had just finished with. What another strange parallel we shared.

She went on to ask if I thought “Xena the Warrior Princess” was hot – she did. I was honest in that I knew of her but not a lot. She asked if I had watched “Lip Service”, in her words “chicks with chicks”. Again, I was honest in that I didn’t know that show but it sounded like something I should check out. Oh the mixed messages I was getting. Well look who’s here! CONFUSION is back.

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7 Responses to She Got the Letter

  1. alexkellyoc says:

    That’s what I call a “dull conversation” -I am sorry to hear that *hug* and I hope she soon brings up the conversation about the letter you sent her. For now I think she’s using the break up as an excuse because she’s scared. So far, this is an unfinished story (reality) and needs to get to its conclusion soon.

  2. You should totally watch Lip Service if you haven’t already – it’s on Netflix (streaming) 🙂 Since this was back in May, I’m sure you have by now, but I just thought I would back that suggestion. I LOVE that show!

    As for the letter – it seems to me like she is leaning more and more towards you now – especially with all the references of lesbian shows!

  3. sapphospeaks says:

    Wow! Talk about talking AROUND a subject. I do that when I’m nervous. Can’t wait to read more!


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