How Do I DO This?

5/30/12  I had 50 minutes to myself while my son was at swim class. I went to a nearby park and decided to write with my left hand again. This is what I got:

How do I DO this? The song drives me crazy but I can’t stop listening over and over. It’s my latest addiction. Just be with you. WHAT DO I DO?! It’s all here laid out for you. Everything and everyone you need is right here. Just pay attention. How does it end? Start? Some endings but one huge start. You need the leap of faith. It’s just like the ziplining you so loved. Just jump and enjoy the ride, feel the air on your face, feel the exhilaration, everything you have to support you is there, trust it. Just let go and be you and all you can be. Go down deep. We are all in this together – EVERY being. BY YOU BEING YOU, IT ALLOWS OTHERS THE SAME PRIVILEGE. You can’t deny that. You’re a big girl and lots are watching…and that’s exactly the point. XO

Here is the song which is driving me crazy that I reference, “Coming Undone by Corday” …complete with the video clip from the movie that started this whole journey, “Elena Undone”. Careful its steamy – it still gets me!

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7 Responses to How Do I DO This?

  1. Your comments struck me as being somewhat familiar to mine..... says:

    Steamy it is. Don’t we all want to be taken that way??? What a beutiful fantasy to have…..

  2. sapphospeaks says:

    Good movie and good song! When you day comes it will be worth the wait. Everything that never made sense and everything that ever did will come together in that one experience. It was life-changing for me. Totally and completely life-changing. ❤

  3. sapphospeaks says:

    Ok, that should have said, *your. Ugh. Hate when I’m typing in a hurry!

  4. I really LIKE this movie and this is the best scene! I have watched it so many times.


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