I Can See Clearly Now

5/24/12  Today was my first appointment with my healer since breaking down in April and telling her everything going on with me and my sexuality. Today I told her of my car battery dying two different times in the last week. She informed me the car represents driving in life – life’s path. Hmmm well that would be dead on with what’s going on with me. During the appointment she worked on my confusion with everything. Of course Mary kept coming up for me during THAT appointment.

My contacts haven’t been working for over a month; everything is foggy. I finally went to see a new eye doctor and he gave me a perfectly fit trial pair of lenses to try. When I was checking out there was a girl that looked like a boy getting fitted with her first glasses. It reminded me of me in seventh grade and my utter amazement when I first put my glasses on and how clearly I could see the individual leaves in the trees, signs, everything was as clear as day. The doctor, still standing there with me and also listening in,  he said he thought he had super powers when he got his first pair of glasses since he could see everything. What a fond memory for me and what fun to be part of someone elses first experience of seeing clearly for the first time.

I must be getting clearer. I don’t feel it yet but it should be coming. I pulled the Lynx medicine card which is the “knower of secrets. It signifies I don’t know something about myself or others. Look for mental pictures. Listen to your higher self. Omens. Mother Earth is signaling. It will lead me to a lost treasure and connect me with a forgotten brotherhood or sisterhoods.” Something is certainly happening.

Of course this seems like a perfect time to ask lefty: Does the left hand have anything to say? You bet I do! You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. The knowing will come. Remember patience, my dear. All is getting itself lined up and boy are you going to like it. Whooo baby! Relax and ease into you. Love you. Is there a secret about me? Sure. We all have ’em. Don’t get caught up in it. Your husband needs to be free of his first though. How can I help? Love him. It will come. Anything more? Patience. 

Another great song that I have always loved. It seemed to speak to my message of the day.

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3 Responses to I Can See Clearly Now

  1. alexkellyoc says:

    You know what people say: the blind person sees more than a person who can see who and what’s around them. I guess you can put it this way for your situation with your contacts-now while you have problems with them, you started seeing what the “problem” is, while when not having any problems with your contacts (glasses when younger) is actually what I am talking about it. You see but you don’t actually see what you really want to see, the way you want to see it. I am not sure if that makes any sense.


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