Do You Want to Be a Birthday Surprise?

5/21/12   I’ve been playing telephone tag with my friend Steve from Massachusetts, my friend Fiona’s husband. He had been trying to reach me the last couple of days. My first thought is “Oh my gosh her cancer is back!”

We finally connected and he assured me there was nothing physically wrong with her. Thank God! But he did go on to say she was having a tough time emotionally and he didn’t know what to do to cheer her up. A little background on the two of them: Fiona and I were roomates when I lived back in Massachusetts (Here’s a previous post about Fiona) and her and Steve started dating then. He was there all the time. We called him our 4th roommate and we loved him as one of the girls. They have always fought like cats and dogs but I have never known two people so crazy about each other even after 17 years of marriage. I consider them both family.

Back to the conversation. Steve went on to say he and her good friend (also their neighbor), Renae  thought, “What if we fly Susan out as a surprise for her birthday?!” He asked if I could come out the weekend of June 2 to help cheer her up. My initial thought was of course I would come out! Anything for Fiona! Don’t worry about me, I’ll find a way even though lately my husband and I have been arguing about money and the lack of it. Steve went on to say that Renae had some mileage credits with Delta airlines and I could use those to help with the ticket. Now normally I wouldn’t hear of such a thing but with all the tension going on in the house lately I didn’t need to add to it, so I accepted this wonderful gift. While we were talking I was looking at flights online and they were expensive! Those credits weren’t going to help much. Oh dear now what?

Steve was continuing to talk about the depression he thought Fiona was in and how concerned he was about her. Nothing seemed to work to help her out of it. She had survived an awful breast cancer battle, double masectomy, hysterectomy and a total breast reconstruction. Gee a bit of depression seemed rather normal to me after such an ordeal. The thought that little ole me could help in any way seemed like a tall order. But I sure was not only willing but completely HONORED that I could be her birthday surprise. What fun this was going to be! He had no idea how good this birthday surprise was going to be for me as well. I WOULD find a way to make it happen!

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