I Finally Find Someone to Work With on Me

5/17/12  I finally was able to talk with the coach, Michael A. about my situation. He is exactly what I was looking for – someone that works as a coach but also is very in touch with the spiritual aspect of things. It felt so good to talk with him.

We talked about our belief systems we each have and letting go of them. We all have energetic contracts. We all have inner intentions within us that knows. It’s just a matter of getting clear. When you do that, your relationships get stronger. It’s a matter of grounding down, becoming aware and make choices that honor our relationships. Afterall we know what we don’t know.

What I loved about our conversation was that I had to start with loving me. That is the only starting place. The opposite of love is fear and we need to work from a place of love.

I know I’m going to like this process. We’re set up to speak again in one week and I’ve got to admit I’m excited but I’m scared as hell.

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