Who Should Help Me with Me? Stream of Consciousness 5/16/12

My heart started hurting at the beginning of the meditation. During it, it just opened up and filled with the entire universe. It kept expanding further and further. I just love everything and every being.

I was so thankful I got to see our builder’s wife before she left for California for 11 weeks. Her adventure with her son sounds so exciting. However, my mind has been on my husband and I lately. I still have so many questions about what is going on. He is such a great dad and husband. I feel like there is no big reason to leave. I’m scared if he was to find my writings. I thought about it last night. My acid reflux has been acting up the last couple of weeks. Am I doing enough about my situation? Should I be talking to someone? Coach? Spiritual person? Michael A.? My sister’s person? Someone else?

Time to start asking the non-dominant hand again. Do I know who it should be? No. No clear message as to who yet. Someone I don’t know yet? Am I just procrastinating? Slow down. One question at a time. You know them. Who? Michael A. How do I approach him? Facebook. What do I say? Listen to your expanding heart of yours. Tune in and go deep. It’ll come. Find the time and just do it. Remember: beyond your wildest dreams. Find you and let go.  XO

After I finished writing the above, I called my husband back as he had called during my meditation…again. No answer. I turned on my computer and there was Michael A.’s website I had been looking at yesterday with his note: “Schedule your free intro 30 min. consultation here.” Of course I hadn’t even noticed that yesterday. I sent him a request. I must be in the flow again.

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