Finding Me – Stream of Consciousness 5/15/12

I think coffee has affected my meditation. My mind was all over and difficulty concentrating. But I did have a sensation of wanting to go deeper in, instead of flying. I’m still trying to figure ME out. Is this life deeper than I’ve been living it? Am I just a surface dweller? I need a deeper relationship with me and others. I still need a close friend to talk with, to share deep feelings with, who knows me, and is safe to talk to. I don’t need an analyzer or a counsellor, just a friend.

It’s interesting in the book, “The Happiness Project” she says both men and women are happiest when they have a close relationship with a woman. That is fascinating! So men aren’t that close friend/partner to talk with? I don’t quite get it. I WANT a partner AND a friend to do just that. I find it strange that it would be two different people.

Time to ask the non-dominant hand to chime in. What am I supposed to be doing now? You’re doing it. Discovering you. Remember Disney and the courage to dream. Find the Youtube and listen again. There are lots of words of wisdom there. Don’t get hung up on personal relationship with another. Not now. Not yet. First you. That will follow soon enough. IT IS ABOUT YOU RIGHT NOW. No guilt necessary about that. Enjoy the ride and LET GO! Remember: beyond your WILDEST DREAMS! Keep that front and center. I love you! XO

I listened to the Disney Youtube again and wrote: “Any wish is possible. All it takes is a little courage to set it free.” Thank you again Jiminy Cricket!

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