The Mind Being Stuck Is Allowed – Stream of Consciousness – 5/13/12

It’s funny today’s meditation was nothing specific, just lots of people popping in. A life coach I was thinking of talking to. The woman that helped him promote his movie. Then I started wondering why she was no longer involved in it anymore. There were people from my job from 10 years ago popping in: the man that took me under his wing when I first started, his retirement party, an agent we used from Switzerland that I had a brief and strange affair with. All very strange. I guess it’s time to write with my left hand.

Is there meaning to all of today’s stuff? Of course, there’s meaning to all. So what is it? It was a fun time in my life but still more to be enjoyed. Want to? Of course, I’ve never refused a good time. Or have you? When? Plenty. Specific time? Not going to women’s meditation week retreat in Colorado. How can I go? How can you not? I have to go to California with family. “California, shmania” Tough time with that one. Why? Family week. Mind is stuck today. It’s not flowing as usual. Was it because nice, familiar, family weekend together with so many questions looming? Yup. Give yourself a break. It’s allowed.

Interesting note: two clocks were off today – my son’s watch and the PC clock. My password to our home email not working. Weird things. No clue why I chose to write it down and make a note of it.

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