Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride – Stream of Consciousness – 5/10/12

Whoooo eeeee! I started playing my coronet (trumpet) as suggested. It brought me back to walking on stage at concerts when I was younger and how much I loved that. I remember being so proud to have Mom and Dad in the audience watching.

Today’s meditation was hard at first. Then I started thinking of being on a stage and kept thinking, “Think BIGGER”, then a bigger stage and bigger. Then suddently I felt like I was the whole universe and it was me. Then the meditation was over. I LIKED THAT!

Let’s try that left hand again…So what does it mean? Stop thinking small and get bigger. Bigger what? IDEAS. It’s not just about you. It affects everyone and you need to do this for all! All who? Exactly – ALL people great and small. You asked so here you go. Where? No where yet. Just focus and it will be here. Will I know it? OH YEAH! It’ll be hard to miss. Isn’t there anything more definitive? Not yet. Will it be a person? Yes. Will it be an event? Yes. Stop asking so many questions. Remember your lesson – you don’t need to know what it looks like. This is a journey. Sit back and enjoy the ride. REMEMBER: BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. Hold onto that and you’ll laugh when all is said and done. Now what? Go on about your day and be productive. It’s time.

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