Love. Passion. Letting Go and Being Me – Stream of Consciousness – 5/9/12

Whew! My eyes are wobbly. My meditation was me trying to get out of clutches of people grabbing at my arms and legs while I was trying desperately to break away so I could go up to see what was “beyond my wildest imagination”. I love that that came out while using my left hand. It’s stuck with me and I can’t wait to find out what it is. I want to be there now but I know there’s work to be done first.

Let’s try to the left hand out again. You know it, you just have to remember it. Oooh just wait! Is it death? No not really. It may feel that way for awhile but give it time. It will all come back. WHAT? The fun and freedom you once knew. Will Mark <my husband> be part of it? No. But you knew that. What do I DO next? Call him. Speak to someone. Who? Counsellor. She can help sort thru it all. You’re a mess now but it won’t be long, you’ll be SOARIN’ <this was our favorite ride at Epcot in Disney where you feel like you are literally flying>. Relax and breathe. You were meant to do this. It’s your destiny. Sounds profound, huh? IT IS! Breathe some more. Relax, I’m here to see you through. No one loves you more than I. Never forget.

So what was this thing with Mary about? Never forget. Your reminder of what you left behind. Love. Passion. Letting go and being YOU! Remember her? <tears now> It’s ok. She’s in there and she’ll come out bigger and better. Ooooh baby just you wait and see! I’m so lucky!

This was a huge revelation about Mary. I felt like I finally had my answer about her and why it has been living within me lately. I had to call my sister, Ann and let her know. It was so freeing to finally know. It all made sense now. Those words will stay with me forever. “LOVE. PASSION. LETTING GO AND BEING ME!” Aaaah so THAT is what it was all about.

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