Fun Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Stream of Consciousness – 5/8/12

A neat meditation with me as a spiritual being with body standing, arms out-stretched with entire body as a blue light. Being filled up with sensation of ok “now you’re set”. There were other beings there – like a ritual and it was my turn. My physical body wanted to open – palms facing more upwards and chest wanting to raise up. Interesting to say the least!

What am I ready for? More and more messages of fun – to have lots of it and think bigger. Wanting to fly and break free of “ropes” holding me down. What is it all about? I had a good time in Disney but still seemed “fake”. I kept thinking of Vegas and that fake feeling I had there. Be real.

Time to start writing with the non-dominant hand again. Let’s see if this hellps to understand. Ready to hear it. All filled with what I need. Come on in or along. What is it? Still big. Are you READY?! Yes. Lots of fun about to be had. Beyond your wildest dreams. Ok. I’m saying yes. Can I know WHAT now? In due time you will. When? When you’re ready. When will that be? You’ll know. You’ve got work to do first. On me? Yup! Now get to work silly. Remember the FUN BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS though. That will get you through the work. Try to enjoy yourself on the ride! Love you beyond your wildest dreams! What a nice thing to say. Well I mean it silly goose!

Here is my drawing of what I saw in my meditation (again, I’m no artist by ANY means):

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3 Responses to Fun Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Stream of Consciousness – 5/8/12

  1. survingmylife says:

    WOW !!

  2. Yes, that’s putting it mildly. It was (and continues to be) a big WOW!


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