Isn’t Fun the Best Thing to Have?

5/7/12 Now that we’re back from Disney I wanted to see if I could apply some of the lessons learned there. One of the things that was glaring at me after such a trip was the fact that fun was missing from my life. While yes, I’ve got 5 year old and fun is everywhere I turn. I was desparately lacking 44 year old fun.

I saw this as an opportunity to use the lesson of writing with the non-dominant hand again. I had some extra time before I picked up my son from school so I parked my car, got out my pad of paper and asked my left hand “How do I feel about being playful and acting like a kid?” And my left hand answered: Isn’t it funny I parked at a playground? I love to play – need more of it. Disney good but not play I need. More exploring me – no responsibilities (Jack) – just letting go – travel – meeting people. That’s my play. I used to act like a kid. Where is my button that I had, “I refuse to grow up”? Grownup gets stifled. Mark (my husband) can stifle it – many times. His words, “it’s not appropriate”. Who cares? Live a little – A LOT. Time to start. There’s fun to be had. As Dudley Moore says in the movie Arthur, “Isn’t fun the best thing to have?!” Alex (my son) needs to know Mom and Dad have fun. Life is not work. It shouldn’t be but he thinks it is. Music – dance – dance with life. Dance big. Twirl. Let yourself go. Get over yourself.

I was born to act like a kid. It’s who I am. Probably why I was born as the baby of the family. Find something fun and you’ll never work AGAIN! Now THAT I LIKE! Zipline person? Bigger! More fun! Think Bigger Susan. That’s enough. Think about it.

A bit of introspection about today’s writing: I find it interesting I started writing about fun and ended up writing about what I wanted in a job. There are so many thoughts swirling in my head. Marriage, Sexuality, Spirituality, Disney lessons, Mary, Career…

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2 Responses to Isn’t Fun the Best Thing to Have?

  1. Was just talking to someone tonight about how there isn’t enough fun in my own life. I have a 14yo daughter and we get on quite well, still….She can be soooo much fun, great imagination and sense of humor but I need the kid in a 52yo body kind of fun…so totally appreciate where your non-dominant hand took you. Will be so cool to see what kinds of “fun” work grows out of your exploration. Thank you so much for sharing your journey…:)

    • We are definitely not alone on this journey. Many before us and unfortunately many after us will have these same thoughts. There’s something big brewing inside of me on this very subject. Lots of fun and love to you!


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