Let the Craziness Continue

4/26/12  Mary and I continued our discussions on Facebook chat. I really do love reconnecting with her and remembering we could talk about ANYTHING with each other. Ah the joys of a best friend. She always had different insight into matters than I and I liked it. She could be very insightful and “called it like she saw it”. One of the characteristics I treasure in any friend but especially liked about her.

What was fascinating in these discussions was that she was going through a very similar time in her life…questioning what this life was about. In her words, she wanted to change everything and was tired of the life she was living. She was currently living with a boyfriend of 3 years, her son was grown and finishing college while working for her company and she was needing a drastic change. Again, I kept thinking how strange this was that we were connecting at this turning point in each of our lives. The universe sure does work in mysterious ways.

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