Exploring My “Inner Genius”

April 26, 2012

So I tried to explore my “inner genius” by using my new key of using my non-dominant hand. So I sat myself outside on our patio in one of my favorite spots and tried to open myself up to the idea.

I need to preface this with the fact I am NO artist but you can get the idea. So I asked myself to draw what my life was now with my dominant hand (right). Here is what I got:

Then I asked my non dominant hand (left) the same question and here is what I got:

Then I asked my left hand “What does this represent?” It’s answer: flying, fun, lots of music. You got it! Now pick up your coronet (trumpet) and start having fun. Get it back – get off earth and fly.

I then asked my left hand “Am I lying to myself about anything?” It’s answer: Sure you are. Take a look around. This isn’t you. Stop pretending and be you. You don’t belong here. What is this life? Someone elses. Anything else? Pretty much covers it don’t ya think?

Wow was this enlightening! I basically was telling myself I was living someone elses life and that IS what it felt like when I was truly honest with myself. It was as if I created this persona but I wasn’t being honest with myself about who I was underneath it all. I needed to be free and doing the things I loved and not what others said I should be doing. Holy moly this new key more than works!

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3 Responses to Exploring My “Inner Genius”

  1. Quite a revealing exercise….or maybe more affirming what you’ve been suspecting? Good on you for your explorations!


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