I Just Love My Friend!

I am so blessed with wonderful friends all around me and I have to shout it from the roof top! It really is amazing when you open up and bear your heart to your friends what happens. However, there is one in particular that I’m so happy about.

Yesterday I had a heart-to-heart with my friend Fiona. I told her everything and she wasn’t surprised at all. It was funny the more people I talk to about my issues of sexuality, the more people I know that aren’t surprised.

Fiona and I have been great friends for over 20 years. We had lived together with another roommate back in Massachusetts. We called it our college years (even though she didn’t go to college) and our apartment was a source of lots of fun for a lot of people. We had made a Thanksgiving Feast one year and it was hysterical to have three women who knew nothing about cooking a turkey but yet we all had our own ideas about what was the “right” thing to do. Of course you heard “that’s not how MY Mom did it – it’s like this” over and over from each of. It ended up being edible but we gave the turkey carcas to the cat and laughed our asses off watching it drag it around the room. In that apartment we had many parties, too many drinks, many facials (she was a hair stylist and needed to practice – oh darn), lots of take out, shared our life stories, cried at sappy movies, had boyfriends, she started dating her now husband, had neighbors that had loud sex with the windows open so that we blamed each other for the sleepless night, talked about everything under the sun and laughed until we cried. We created a lot of great memories together as best friends.

So when I told her everything yesterday she was the most understanding and sympathetic person. It’s funny having to tell a best friend I’ve been attracted to women and yet letting her know not to worry she wasn’t one of them. Needless to say we had a good laugh over that one!

But honestly there’s a closeness, an understanding, lots of laughter where I thought there could be none, the heaviness lifts, I feel understood, I feel….good…to have such a good friend.

Another funny Fiona story that cracks me up everytime I write or say her “new” name, Fiona. I told her I was blogging about all that was going on and she got very excited. So when I told her that I had changed the names (to protect the innocent) she was even more excited about naming herself. She wanted a “sexy” name and named herself Fiona. So here’s to FIONA. She rocks!

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One Response to I Just Love My Friend!

  1. Great post. I know how you feel. It was such a relief to tell a friend who I really was and had always been.


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