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I Swore I Saw Her

5/1/12  It had been a busy day at the Disney parks so my son and I were taking it easy in the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge while my husband took a nap. And suddenly I looked up and I swear I saw Mary … Continue reading

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The Day Jiminy Cricket Spoke to Me

4/29/12  Here I was with my husband and son at the most magical place on earth. I had told myself I was here at the Magical Kingdom and I needed to enjoy every second of it. Take it all in. … Continue reading

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From Crazy to the Most Magical Place on Earth

4/28/12  The day was finally here that we had waited for! My husband, son and I were heading to Disney World for a magical vacation. The problem was only half of me was there. The other half was thinking about … Continue reading

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She Took My Breath Away

4/27/12  So Mary and I have continued our Facebook conversations and during the day today she sends me her phone number and asks me to text her. I get the message just before I have to pick up my son … Continue reading

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Exploring My “Inner Genius”

April 26, 2012 So I tried to explore my “inner genius” by using my new key of using my non-dominant hand. So I sat myself outside on our patio in one of my favorite spots and tried to open myself … Continue reading

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Let the Craziness Continue

4/26/12  Mary and I continued our discussions on Facebook chat. I really do love reconnecting with her and remembering we could talk about ANYTHING with each other. Ah the joys of a best friend. She always had different insight into … Continue reading

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The Day the Universe Knocked Me Upside My Head

I was so looking forward for this day to finally get here. Little did I know it was to be an ENORMOUS turning point in my life. It started with attending a business conference that I had been drawn to … Continue reading

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I Just Love My Friend!

I am so blessed with wonderful friends all around me and I have to shout it from the roof top! It really is amazing when you open up and bear your heart to your friends what happens. However, there is … Continue reading

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