Stream of Consciousness – 4/23/2012

Stream of consciousness 4/23/2012

Speaker at the Podium

I’m so grateful for all the guidance and the time that I’m able to spend finding what I’m looking for. I have more and more of a desire to find my voice and start sharing it with all. I am stuck in my ego and will be so vulnerable if I say what’s in my heart. I have never put it out there before. Or did I with Mary? And then I got shot down. Hmmm. It doesn’t matter – let it flow. Email is good but find your voice – speak it.

I can only connect to myself if I’m true to myself and vulnerable. So true. What is MY truth? Have I ever spoken it entirely? It’s going to feel good and I will find new, bigger connections. Imagine that! Feel that! Be that! <pause>

I felt the need to speak instead of write. I’m opening up – play – let it all out – speak your truths – it’s ok – all that you need is all around you. Just ask.

I feel the need to speak with my yoga instructor and let her know she IS good enough. She’s a great instructor and don’t be so hard on yourself. She also has all she needs around her. We all do. The color analysis from Jane was interesting and right on. It was find something with adventure – play – fun – lead – make a big impact – groups.

I’m still searching for what it will look like and remind myself it’s ok not to know. I have to go thru something to be able to see. You’ll know it, really you will.

So many questions and so hard to go thru the daily stuff. The weekend was so easy as I allowed myself to be out of my head and just allowed myself to have a good time around others. Fun. Starting to really get hungry. I need to meditate at a different time so this doesn’t continue to happen.  🙂

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