You Want to Finish the Basement Now During My Awakening? Really?!

Basement ConstructionIn the middle of March 2012 my husband mentioned he wanted to finish the basement with a play room for Alex, an office for him and a media room. I was not prepared for this as I was still dealing with the fact we had sold the business and the emotional issues that were presented to me. Little did I know he had already called the builder. The builder started the end of March.

Once my awakening was beginning I could NOT deal with anything to do with the basement. I was wondering if I was even going to be here to enjoy the finished project. It was the last thing I wanted to deal with.

As I was trying to meditate in the mornings, I had people banging away in my basement day after day. One day I even had the plumber down there with a jack hammer while I was trying to meditate. I wasn’t sure if the universe was trying to tell me something with all of these disturbances. But if it was, I wasn’t listening. Luckily I had training with concentration when I learned to play golf near an Air Force base with large planes/jets coming in for a landing right over our heads. This stubborn woman was going to meditate no matter what.

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