The Journey All Started…

How do you really know when an awakening really starts? For me it was pretty clear. I had sold my business that was consuming my consciousness. It wasn’t until I was completely out of the business that I allowed myself to really question everything and to actually LISTEN.

Luckily the timing was perfect as my son was still in school for two more months, I didn’t need to get a job immediately and I could take time for me. And yes, I do realize how lucky I am to have this opportunity. So during this time I decided I was going to go outside my comfort zone and truly pay attention to what came up. So I reconnected with some people, meditated every day and started yoga for the first time in my life.

Now starting yoga doesn’t sound like a big deal to many. But it was HUGE for me as it was one of my biggest fears in life; yet I knew I had to do it. Ever since I can remember my body has been so stiff. I remember as a child, in order to get out of bed I had to slowly get myself out of fetal position as my joints were so stiff. I didn’t know everyone did not wake this way until much later in life. As a kid I dreaded gymnastics time in gym class because I couldn’t do any of it. I physically got sick to my stomach whenever it was that week in gym. This is what yoga represented to me. Yet I had a strong calling to do it and I was going to listen to myself now.

After I had researched where, I made the call and ironically realized I left the wrong return telephone number. After I straightened that out, the owner of the yoga studio and I chatted for a bit with me sharing my fear of yoga. She invited me to her class of intermediate to advanced yogis. Talk about starting in fear! Yet she did as she promised, she took good care of me. And yes, my body was aching all over but those were the best aches I had ever felt. It was as if my body was opening up for the first time.

I tried other yoga classes but it wasn’t until I found my present teacher that I felt like I could stop looking. I found the teacher I needed. And so my journey begins.

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